Acting Healthy: A Sample Day

A Sample of Acting Healthy

January 11th

Acting Healthy: The Real Fountain of Youth!

Some days it seems we’ve gotten so sophisticated we’ve sophisticated ourselves out of our own happiness!   Being happy in my opinion stops the aging process, enlivens the spirit, lifts the heart, and gives us all a reason to live!   When we’re happy we never ask the question “why are we here?”   The answer is clear.   We’re here to enjoy life, enjoy nature, enjoy each other, and enjoy ourselves! Want to attract happiness in your life?   The first step is to smile.

L.E.: Will you stop it! Nothing is going to happen! No UFO is going to land here!

MASON: I wish it would.

MERRILLEE: That’s the first step in attracting a UFO, Mason, is just wishing it would come…thinking pleasant thoughts, non-threatening things like: I want you to come. I believe you are coming. You’re so pretty, I wish you would come closer. We all respond to pleasant things after all it’s only human.

Excerpt from the play Light Burgers by Mary Miller

From Art Downtown production starring:  Wes Gruenke, Michael Dyche, Dawn Dyche, Elle Woocock, Anthony (Tony) Ferri


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