ACTING HEALTHY … How Does It Work?

ACTING HEALTHY ... How Does It Work?

ACTING HEALTHY is a daily journal.   (Yes, all 365 days!)   A mixture of theatre and self-help designed to entertain as well as give you the acting tools you need to make a difference in your life.

Each day starts with a new thought … that thought is explored … and then brought to life by an excerpt from a play.

You can either read it like a journal with an entry every day.   Or you can read it like a book covering several months at a time.   Or simply open it to any page and see what your subconscious mind may have picked out for you!!

However you read it … read it … trust me … it will make a difference!

CLARICE:   Have you ever known me to lie?
BERNICE:   About your age, your hair color, your …
CLARICE:   About anything important?
Excerpt from MULBERRY LANE

For those of you who prefer to hold an actual book in your hand as you read (me too!!) … the paperback version is coming soon!!  (For those with a Kindle click on the calendar!)


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