You sold the house?!?

You sold the house?!?

Excerpt for the book “A Christmas House”

“You sold the house?” Fred, Lizbeth, Babs, and Margaret looked at one another. Then as if on cue they looked at Abigail. “WHY?”

“It was the only house I’d gotten an offer on,” Abigail said, avoiding the heart of the question. “You know how slow the market has been.” She couldn’t look at them.

“You sold our house because the market was slow?” Fred asked, now angry himself.

“MOMMA!” The girls cried, demanding to know an answer.

Abigail finally turned back to her family. She looked Fred in the eye. “No,” she said quietly. “I sold the house because I couldn’t spend another night there alone.”

The story to be continue …

REMEMBER the book will be available tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec. 18th – 20th) for FREE – Kindle Edition. Tell your friends!

From the Island Players production starring Lynda Dalton Gallagher and Glenn Sellers


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