Waiting at the top of the stairs …

Waiting at the top of the stairs ...

Excerpt from the book:

Inside the house, the Christmas tree was now dotted with ornaments of all shapes and sizes. The small colored lights created a kaleidoscope effect against the beach towel walls.

“If I do say so myself,” Babs said, “this tree looks pretty good.”

“Just like our old home in Atlanta,” Lizbeth said, putting another ball on the tree and stepping back to admire it. “Remember trying to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus? Sitting on the top step, waiting for Mom and Pop to get up so we could run down the stairs and see what we got?” She looked up at the wooden staircase, the tread and risers leading precariously to the upstairs floors.

“You aren’t going to go running up and down the stairs now, are you?” Babs asked, pointing to Lizbeth’s extended pregnant belly.

“Nooooo. I was just thinking.”

The truth behind the story “A Christmas House” to be continued …


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