The house was a disaster…

The house was a disaster...

The exterior walls were nothing more than stud walls with the door frames and windows cut out. The interior ‘walls’ were simply a series of wooden 2x4s space 16 inches apart, except where they had been cut and braced leaving holes for future doors. The electrical wiring was strung between the 2x4s and the plumbing pipes and ventilation ducts were visible through the openings.

“Well what do you think?” Fred asked holding his arms up proudly in the air. Abigail dropped her purse to the floor, looked at him in disbelief and then back at the unfinished rooms.

“Think?” she repeated, unable to think. “Think?!” she asked incredulously as she walked over to a 2×4 stud and touched in lightly with the tip of her finger, hoping it would all disappear like mirage …

“A Christmas House” to be continued…


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