#5 Amazon Best Seller Holiday Fiction

IMG_ACH_BK“A Christmas House” was just rated #5 in Amazon Best Seller Top 100 Free Holiday Fiction and it’s all because of you!! Thank you!!!

If you didn’t get it yesterday, there’s still time. It’s available (for free!) through Wednesday Nov. 27th. Download it for yourself … tell your friends … enjoy the book … share the love.

“Hello Gorgeous!” Fred announced as he stood at the screen door of the Texaco gas station and opened his arms to embrace his wife.

Abigail beamed when she saw him and hugged him for one solid minute and then suddenly hit him on the chest. “Where have you been?” she asked as if this unexpected stop at the Texaco station had been planned all along. He just smiled as he watched her run out the store down the wooden steps to his car where she promptly took her seat next to his in their old blue station wagon, now faded grey.

“You’ll like the house,” he said as he sat down next to her and buckled his seat belt.

“If I live to see it!” She rolled her eyes and shook her head. From any other woman it might have sounded harsh, but Abigail had a way of saying things with a slight exaggeration and love that tempered her actual words.

“You will,” he said reassuringly. She smiled up at him for a second, and then leaned back in the dusty seat, and let him drive.

To be continued …


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