Tomorrow is the day …

Tomorrow is the day ...

Remember starting tomorrow Tuesday Nov. 26th – Wednesday Nov. 27th anyone can download “A Christmas House” by Mary Miller for free at Amazon. You don’t have to have Kindle to get it…you just have to have a Kindle app (which you can download for free at Amazon too) good on any iPad, iPhone, Droid, PC, smartphone or tablet. It’s a great app to have to read great books … not just mine!! Enjoy the book and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the day …

  1. Mary, my book, KILLING THE BLOOD CLEANER (Kindle version) is free on AMAZON today through January 9. See Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. So far, today, I have hit #1 in free Police Procedurals and #10 in free Thrillers on Amazon. Apparently, there are lots of folks who like sex, violence and barbecue.



    Killing The Blood Cleaner final cover JB20130507_KTBCe.jpg

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