The kitchen bathroom …

The kitchen bathroom ...

“Fred, what is this?” Abigail asked as she walked through a ‘wall’ into the ‘bathroom’ area, which had a toilet and a tub but no walls.

“The kitchen bathroom,” Fred said proudly! “It’s my idea! People never think to put a bathroom where you really need it!!”

Abigail looked at the tub through the 2×4 wall and stared at Fred. “Who ever heard of putting a tub in a bathroom like this?”

“They were on sale! And I know how much you hate to take showers, so I thought …” Abigail turned away before he could finish his thought. “If you’d rather there’s a port-a-potty outside,” he offered as an alternative…

“A Christmas House” continues …

Download your free Kindle Edition Tuesday (Nov. 26th) and Wednesday (Nov. 27th) at Amazon. Enjoy!!


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