A Christmas House – The Movie!!

“How about this for a wonderful Christmas Movie?”  A Christmas House … based on the award-winning play and book … the screenplay is funny, heartwarming, nostalgic, sentimental, endearing and enduring!!  Let’s make it a movie!!  After all, isn’t it time for a new Christmas movie that makes you want to believe?  A Christmas House – The Movie

A Christmas House by Mary Miller – “The Movie” Trailer

A Christmas House by Mary Miller “The Movie” Trailer

“How about this for a wonderful Christmas Movie?”  A Christmas House … based on the award-winning play and book … the screenplay is funny, heartwarming, nostalgic, sentimental, endearing, and enduring!  Let’s make it a movie!  Isn’t it time for a new Christmas movie that makes you believe?  Merry Christmas (because it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas!!)




After much teeth gnashing and angst the paperback version of Acting Healthy is now available. So, if you haven’t already abandoned the idea of a New Year’s Resolution and you still want some daily inspirations … this is it!

A combination of self-help, acting tips, thoughts from life, and excerpts from my plays … it’s (hopefully!) a fun, entertaining way to help make life better in 2014!

Thanks for your patience and good luck in the new year!

Acting Healthy: A Sample Day

A Sample of Acting Healthy

January 11th

Acting Healthy: The Real Fountain of Youth!

Some days it seems we’ve gotten so sophisticated we’ve sophisticated ourselves out of our own happiness!   Being happy in my opinion stops the aging process, enlivens the spirit, lifts the heart, and gives us all a reason to live!   When we’re happy we never ask the question “why are we here?”   The answer is clear.   We’re here to enjoy life, enjoy nature, enjoy each other, and enjoy ourselves! Want to attract happiness in your life?   The first step is to smile.

L.E.: Will you stop it! Nothing is going to happen! No UFO is going to land here!

MASON: I wish it would.

MERRILLEE: That’s the first step in attracting a UFO, Mason, is just wishing it would come…thinking pleasant thoughts, non-threatening things like: I want you to come. I believe you are coming. You’re so pretty, I wish you would come closer. We all respond to pleasant things after all it’s only human.

Excerpt from the play Light Burgers by Mary Miller

From Art Downtown production starring:  Wes Gruenke, Michael Dyche, Dawn Dyche, Elle Woocock, Anthony (Tony) Ferri

Acting Every Day of Our Lives

Acting Every Day of Our Lives

We are the actors in our own lives. If we choose to be happy we can be happy. If we choose to be sad we can be sad. If we choose to be thin … we can be thin. If we choose to be healthy … we can be healthy!!

So? If you want a better life? Write a better play! Who better to tell you how, than a playwright? (Me!)

ACTING HEALTHY: Directors Notes for a Better Life – start reading the Kindle Edition now (Introductory Offer $0.99!) The paperback should be available next week!

Excerpt from “Mulberry Lane”

CLARICE:   You can do it now!
BERNICE:   I haven’t acted in years.
CLARICE:   Hush! You acted everyday of your life when you went into Sunshine and Sholtz and “acted” like a secretary.

From the Island Players production starring Janet Sikes, Carol Hoffine

ACTING HEALTHY … How Does It Work?

ACTING HEALTHY ... How Does It Work?

ACTING HEALTHY is a daily journal.   (Yes, all 365 days!)   A mixture of theatre and self-help designed to entertain as well as give you the acting tools you need to make a difference in your life.

Each day starts with a new thought … that thought is explored … and then brought to life by an excerpt from a play.

You can either read it like a journal with an entry every day.   Or you can read it like a book covering several months at a time.   Or simply open it to any page and see what your subconscious mind may have picked out for you!!

However you read it … read it … trust me … it will make a difference!

CLARICE:   Have you ever known me to lie?
BERNICE:   About your age, your hair color, your …
CLARICE:   About anything important?
Excerpt from MULBERRY LANE

For those of you who prefer to hold an actual book in your hand as you read (me too!!) … the paperback version is coming soon!!  (For those with a Kindle click on the calendar!)



I read where a schoolboy once wrote that Socrates used to go around giving advice so they poisoned him! So, I’m well aware of the danger of giving advice. But I have been writing plays that have changed people’s lives for years. I have watched the effect of what I have written move an audience to laughter and tears. I have won awards for every play I have written. I’ve seen my work produced across the United States and around the world. I know the research and care that went into writing each story. I know that theatre can change your life. My goal is to help people understand they do have a choice and theatre can lead the way!

Mary Miller